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Where Are BEAM Alumni Now?

What are they doing? What do they have to say about their time in BEAM? Explore our BEAM alumni stories below to find out. 

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    Mike Fisher

    "I‘m a product development leader for medical devices. My BEAM education experience provided the engineering finesse to approach complex problems, reduce them to manageable terms, and use data to justify design and testing decisions."

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    Alexandra Hyler

    “My Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the Virginia Tech – Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences provided me with diverse opportunities and experiences, including a Fulbright year to Denmark, serving fellow graduate students, and investigating cancer progression.”

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    Patrick Thayer

    "The networks I have developed at Virginia Tech have also continued through ongoing collaborations. The availability of resources from both Virginia Tech and Wake Forest have allowed me opportunities to learn additional topics beyond the bioengineering degree program that I use every day."

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    Michele Waters

    "Virginia Tech is an amazing place. There are organizations here that are incredibly supportive to help you pursue your goals. The opportunities are out there."

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    Nora Hlavac

    “It became very apparent to me when I started graduate school that mentorship was going to be really important during my time here. That came at the research level under my PI, Dr. VandeVord, but also just in the general atmosphere that was created at Virginia Tech and within my department.”

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