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Undergraduate Programs

Three BEAM students stand around an experimental device, observing the experimental preparations taking place

A Foundation Fit for Tomorrow’s Emerging Leaders

Our undergraduate programs combine a solid foundation of engineering theory and fundamentals with hands-on research and design. With a focus on supporting transdisciplinary collaboration, entrepreneurship, and an inclusive environment for all of our students, the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics creates an educational experience fit for tomorrow’s emerging leaders.

Faculty in both biomedical engineering and engineering science and mechanics work closely across their respective disciplines, as do students enrolled in our programs.

A BEAM undergrad peers through a microscope while his partner prepares slides for observation

Student researchers from the Socha Lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics perform testing involving gliding snakes on the lawn at the German Club. Professor Jake Socha is an organismal biomechanist studying the relationship between form and function in animals, with a broad range of projects involving locomotion, breathing and feeding. Current work focuses on gliding flight in snakes.

A machine with a bright green laser
Students laugh during a lecture.

Undergraduate Admissions

All prospective undergraduate students should apply for admission to Virginia Tech through the university’s undergraduate application portal.

Once admitted, first-year and transfer engineering students must enroll in the general engineering program through the Department of Engineering Education. After specific course requirements are complete, students then become eligible to declare any of the 15 undergraduate degree-granting engineering majors offered at Virginia Tech, including biomedical engineering as well as a minor in engineering science and mechanics.

Questions About Admission?