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Mike Fisher

Didier Lefebvre

“BEAM is an engineering department that applies traditional and novel engineering analyses to problems of biological and medical origin. This is a terrific marriage because biology and medicine have vague and/or variable boundary conditions where ‘one size fits all’ equations provide insufficient solutions. 

“By using fundamental engineering mechanics to interrogate biologic phenomena, the engineer is able to describe the phenomena in broad terms that can be reduced to patient-specific solutions. BEAM’s approach will lead to better and more appropriate engineering solutions.

“I‘m a product development leader for medical devices. My BEAM education experience provided the engineering finesse to approach complex problems, reduce them to manageable terms, and use data to justify design and testing decisions

“Engineering mechanics is a broad field that positions its users to approach problems from the perspective of fundamentals. This broad and fundamental approach has helped me to be named on over two dozen patents. It has also given me the abilities to lead multiple medical device product development teams through the difficulties of a highly regulated industry. My education gave me a terrific perspective on how to move from broad or philosophical objectives to narrow, specific, and actionable strategies in the execution of medical product development.”

Mike Fisher graduated with a B.S. in engineering science and mechanics in 1993. He is currently the director of product development at the Global Center for Medical Innovation

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