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A BEAM faculty advisor looks on as one of his students explains his research processes

A Collaborative Culture Meets Transdisciplinary Research

BEAM graduate students participate in and contribute to a rich academic community with a hands-on, innovative focus. We’re preparing global leaders in emerging fields who are prepared to solve the next generation of engineering problems. 

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Graduate Degree Offerings

We offer comprehensive graduate programs in two distinct areas.

Biomedical Engineering

Graduate degrees in biomedical engineering are offered through our joint program, Virginia Tech - Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES). 

The point of contact for BEAM graduate programs in biomedical engineering is Kelsey Wall, SBES Graduate Coordinator: (540) 231-1643,

Engineering Mechanics

Graduate degrees in engineering mechanics offer students a variety of interdisciplinary opportunities throughout their studies.

The point of contact for BEAM graduate programs in engineering mechanics is Renee Cloyd, EM Graduate Coordinator: (540) 231-8109,

Graduate Research Opportunities

Immersive research is a hallmark of all BEAM graduate programs, both in biomedical engineering and engineering mechanics. Explore all 11 of the department's distinct research programs here.

Important BEAM Graduate Program Contacts

Kelsey Wall, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Coordinator
(540) 231-8789

Renee Cloyd, Engineering Mechanics Graduate Coordinator: (540) 231-1643


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