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Undergraduate/Graduate Option

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Counting Credit Hours Toward Graduate Degrees

An undergraduate/graduate option allows ESM undergraduate students to use courses taken during the senior year to count towards both the bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in engineering mechanics.

Upon completion of 90 credit hours, and with at least one more semester to complete all requirements for the bachelor's degree, undergraduate students who have an overall grade point average of at least 3.3 can apply for the ESM undergraduate/graduate program.

This program allows undergraduate students at Virginia Tech to use up to four three-hour courses (12 credit hours) taken during the senior year to count towards both the B.S. and graduate degrees.

These credit hours must be taken before the completion of the undergraduate degree and after admission into the undergraduate/graduate program.

What Counts Towards the Graduate Degree?

Two three-hour courses (six credit hours) at the 4xxx level can be counted towards the graduate degree. Successful completion of all courses with no less than a B average is required for these courses to count toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Advisory Committee

Upon admission into the ESM UG/G program, a committee consisting of the ESM undergraduate program chair, the engineering mechanics graduate program chair, and one ESM faculty member (optional) will function as an advisory committee. The role of this committee ends after the plan of study for the graduate degree is approved by the graduate school.

Applying to the UG/G Program

Once admitted into the ESM program, make an appointment with the ESM undergraduate program chair to discuss courses that can be counted towards both degrees.

Application Deadlines

Complete a graduate application by one of the following dates:

  • January 1 for spring semester admission
  • May 1 for summer semester admission
  • August 1 for fall semester admission

Explore the Graduate School's Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Program page for more information.

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