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Engineering Mechanics

The Foundation of Mechanical Sciences

One Program, Many Applications

BEAM's Engineering Mechanics (EM) program is strongly rooted in physics and mathematics, the basis of all mechanical sciences, and provides unique, interdisciplinary opportunities for research on design projects with far-reaching impact. 

We offer a Ph.D in engineering mechanics as well as a Master's of Science (M.S.) degree with a thesis option and a non-thesis option.  

Engineering Mechanics graduate students can be advised by any member of the BEAM Teaching and Research Faculty or any member of the many Engineering Mechanics Affiliate Faculty.

The EM program supports extensive and robust research activities in a number of distinct areas. The four core research areas of our program are biomechanics, dynamics and control, fluid mechanics, and solid mechanics.

EM Info Sessions

The EM information sessions provide an overview of the Engineering Mechanics program, Virginia Tech's Graduate School, and the application process. Each session is from 10:00-11:00 am (Eastern Standard Time) and hosted via Zoom by Engineering Mechanics’ Graduate Program Coordinator, Renee Cloyd ( 
Multiple sessions are available. Registration is required.

EM Graduate Manual

The EM graduate manual provides a detailed description of current policies and processes for all EM graduate degrees.

EM section in VT Graduate Catalog

The EM specific section of the VT Graduate Catalog summarizes program Information, lists all active EM faculty, gives brief overviews of many EM research labs and provides descriptions of ESM labeled graduate level coursework.

VT Graduate Catalog

The EM graduate manual is intended to supplement, not replace, the policies and procedures in the Virginia Tech Graduate Catalog.

For additional information please contact EM Graduate Coordinator, Renee Cloyd.