Engineering Science and Mechanics

A Flexible Program Focused on Engineering Fundamentals

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An In-depth Study of Fundamental Engineering Principles

Engineering science and mechanics at Virginia Tech offers a unique route to students’ academic and career objectives. The program’s small class size, close interaction with faculty, hands-on experience with laboratory equipment, and in-depth study of fundamental engineering principles provide an ideal environment for career preparation in fields such as modern machinery, automotive and aerospace engineering, and biomedical equipment design.

Graduates with a bachelor's degree in ESM are prepared to assume and successfully carry out any engineering assignment. Additionally, this strong background in the fundamentals is excellent preparation for graduate work.

ESM's flexible curriculum can also be used to give tailored, focused instruction in mechanics of materials, vibrations and controls, kinematics and dynamics, thermal sciences, the dynamics of fluids and gases, biomedical engineering, computer applications, and business.

A Notice About the ESM Undergraduate Degree

The engineering science and mechanics (ESM) undergraduate degree is currently undergoing the process of review for being discontinued, and the program may only accept students through the end of the fall 2019 application period. Students not admitted to ESM by this time may not be permitted to pursue this major. First-year students admitted to Virginia Tech Fall 2019 will most likely not be able to pursue this major.

Students will still be able to enroll in the ESM minor program of study.