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Romesh Batra, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor
  • Clifton C. Garvin Professor
Batra Romesh
333-E Norris Hall
495 Old Turner St.
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Romesh Batra Research Website

Research Areas

  • Solid mechanics

Research Interests

  • Material failure under extreme loadings
  • Functionally graded materials
  • Composites
  • Micro-electro-mechanical systems
  • Nanostructures, molecular mechanics/dynamics modeling


  • Johns Hopkins University: Ph.D., Mechanics and Materials, 1972
  • University of Waterloo,:M.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, 1969
  • Punjabi University (India): B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1968

Awards, Honors, and Service

  • Belytschko Medal from the US Association of Computational Mechanics, 2019
  • Fulbright Specialist in Solid Mechanics, Coimbatore, India, 2017
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Robert Henry Thurston Lecture Award, 2016
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Honorary Member Award, 2015
  • Selected as Fulbright Specialist in Nonlinear Solid Mechanics, 2013
  • Virginia Outstanding Scientist Award, 2011
  • State Council of Higher Education of Virginia (SCHEV) Outstanding Faculty Award, 2010
  • Engineering Science Medal from the Society of Engineering Science, 2009
  • D.Sc. (Honoris Causa), Thapar University, India, 2006

Recent Publications

R.C. Batra, Misuse of Eringen’s nonlocal elasticity theory for functionally graded materials, International Journal of Engineering Science 159 (2021) 103425.

R.C. Batra, Material tailoring in three-dimensional flexural deformations of functionally graded material beams, Composite Structures, Vol. 259, Art. No. 113232, 2021.

B. Guduri, M. Cybulsky, G.R. Pickrell, R.C. Batra, Adaptive process control for achieving consistent particles' states in atmospheric plasma spray process, SN Applied Sciences, Vol. 3, Art. No. 294, 2021.

Amit Singh, R.C. Batra, Dynamics of pull and release of graphene nanoribbons, Computational Materials Science, Vol. 197, Art. No. 110568, 2021.

R.C. Batra, Lisha Yuan, Flexure of functionally graded soft material rectangular beams to circular arcs, Composite Structures, Vol. 272, 2021, Art. No. 114055.

R.C. Batra, B. Alanbay, Simultaneous recovery of transverse stresses at all points in a plate, Int. J. Engineering Science, 169, Art. No. 103570, 2021.

Manuel E. Umanzor, Romesh C. Batra, Christopher B. Williams, and Alan P. Druschitz, Penetration Resistance of Cast Metal—Ceramic Composite Lattice Structures, Advanced Engineering Materials, https://doi.1002/adem.2021100577, 2021.

Avirup Sircar, Puneet Kumar Patra, and Romesh C Batra, Casimir force and its effects on pull-in instability modelled using molecular dynamics simulations, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Part A, Vol. 476, Art. No. 20200311, 2020.

R.C. Batra and Unchalisa Taetragool, Numerical techniques to find optimal input parameters for achieving mean particles’ temperature and axial velocity in atmospheric plasma spray process, Scientific Reports, Vol. 10, Art. No. 21483, 2020.