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Where Are BEAM Alumni Now?

What are they doing? What do they have to say about their time in BEAM? Explore our BEAM alumni stories below to find out. 

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    Alumnus follows entrepreneurial spirit to address pandemic challenges in hospitals
    Alumnus follows entrepreneurial spirit to address pandemic challenges in hospitals , redirect

    For Jeffrey Morelli, it all started with a desire to help others, which grew to a passion for health care and creating innovative technology to improve the overall quality of life. Then, when a global pandemic hit, he knew this was his moment to rise to the challenge.

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    Victor Stewart, alumnus of biomedical engineering and mechanics, works at NASA and also started his own cooking channel. Photos taken pre-COVID-19 and submitted by Victor Stewart. Design by Peter Means of Virginia Tech.
    'It’s science and creativity': Alumnus Victor Stewart is half-NASA engineer, half-YouTube chef , redirect

    What do delicious food, mechanical design engineering, and corporate advertisements have in common? Virginia Tech alumnus Victor Stewart.

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    Chasing solutions in renewable energy, engineering alumnus teams with former research mentor
    Chasing solutions in renewable energy, engineering alumnus teams with former research mentor , redirect

    Together, alumnus Yeh-Hung Lai and BEAM faculty David Dillard produced novel solutions for hydrogen fuel cell technology, and allowed this collaboration to grow into a robust program for student experiential learning, empowering engineering students as next-generation industry leaders.

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    Alex Hyler, alumna of Virginia Tech from the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, leads research and commercialization at CytoRecovery, a local start-up. Photo by Lee Hawkins.
    Finish up to start-up: Biomedical engineering alumna applies degree as vice president of local company , redirect

    Since 2018, Hyler has been chief scientist officer and vice president at CytoRecovery, a start-up co-founded by Rafael Davalos, the L. Preston Wade professor in biomedical engineering and mechanics, and Leo Harris, alumnus of Virginia Tech.

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    Abigail Bock with her service dog, Duke, in front of Lane Stadium before graduation.
    Abigail Bock , redirect

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering in 2022, I started working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a biomedical patent examiner. I’m responsible for reviewing electrosurgical device applications for novelty, patentability, and feasibility in accordance with patent law and regulations. This includes any device that uses or delivers energy to tissue in a medical procedure or operation theater. I work with inventors, attorneys, and other examiners to determine the best way to describe claimed inventions and improve applications for potential allowability. When I am not working, I like running, hiking, paddle boarding, and stargazing with my dog, Duke.

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    Laura Wegner dressed in graduation regalia.
    Class of 2023: BEAM Outstanding Senior Laura Wenger , article

    Laura is open to and ready for what the future holds, saying, "Growing in the program really prepared me for the lifelong journey ahead and for that I'm very thankful."

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    BEAM alumnus Didier Lefebvre
    Didier Lefebvre

    "I studied engineering science and mechanics when joining Virginia Tech in the 1980s. Thirty years later, I'm a senior scientist in the biotechnology industry responsible for creating engineering solutions to drug delivery and personalized medicine."

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    BEAM alumnus Daniel Surinach, far right
    Daniel Surinach

    “The ability to conduct high-level research at an undergraduate level really complimented the analytical concepts that were covered in class, and granted students the opportunity to apply themselves in areas of novel research."

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    Beam alumnus Mike Fisher
    Mike Fisher

    "I‘m a product development leader for medical devices. My BEAM education experience provided the engineering finesse to approach complex problems, reduce them to manageable terms, and use data to justify design and testing decisions."

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    Alexandra Hyler
    Alexandra Hyler

    “My Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the Virginia Tech – Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences provided me with diverse opportunities and experiences, including a Fulbright year to Denmark, serving fellow graduate students, and investigating cancer progression.”

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    Patrick Thayer
    Patrick Thayer

    "The networks I have developed at Virginia Tech have also continued through ongoing collaborations. The availability of resources from both Virginia Tech and Wake Forest have allowed me opportunities to learn additional topics beyond the bioengineering degree program that I use every day."

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    Michele Waters

    "Virginia Tech is an amazing place. There are organizations here that are incredibly supportive to help you pursue your goals. The opportunities are out there."

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