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Companies and People Participating in BEAM's Industry Partnership Program

Interested in participating?

The Industry Partnership Program (IPP) seeks to foster collaboration between the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (BEAM) and companies, not-for-profits, and government. There is no fee for participating, and BEAM offers a number of ways in which your organization can collaborate with us. If you are interested in any of the opportunities included in our industry partnership, please contact Vincent Wang.

American Gene Technology

Applied Separations

Ares Materials         


Blackfynn Inc.             


Cell Constructs       

Centerline Biomedical     

Clinical Sensors

Column Eight       

Cradle Genomics          

Creare LLC             

DD Therapeutics        


Floreo, Inc.    

Gel 4 Med        

Hepatx Corporation           

Integrated Sensors, LLC           

Kinetic River Corp.     

Kitware Inc.

Lena Biosciences   

LGC / Lucigen

Lynntech, Inc.

MC3 Cardiopulmonary      

Medical Synergy and Innovation       


Neural Analytics       

PDX Pharmaceuticals   


Pharmaceutical R&D Consulting, LLC               

Plastics One            

Pressure Profile          

Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.             

Rivanna Medical

SEQUELA, Inc.    


Thrust Interactive Founder        

Vivreon Biosciences             

Weinberg Medical Physics    

Windmill Cardiovascular Systems