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Ashley R. Taylor

Collegiate Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Engineering education

Research Interests

  • Access and equity in engineering
  • Engineering for global health
  • Experiential learning
  • Engineering communications
  • Design education


  • Virginia Tech: Ph.D., Engineering Education, January 2020
  • Virginia Tech: M.S., Mechanical Engineering, May 2016
  • Virginia Tech: Master of Public Health, May 2016
  • Virginia Tech: B.S., Mechanical Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) Minors, Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering; Leadership; Music, May 2014

Awards, Honors, and Service

  • Rice University Career Champion, 2023 
  • Visiting Fellow, Academy for Global Engineering & Honors Residential College, Virginia Tech, 2022
  • Recipient, Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Department of Engineering Education 2019
  • Graduate Fellow, Academy for Global Engineering, Virginia Tech 2019
  • Member, Bouchet Graduate Honor Society 2019
  • Recipient, Diversity Scholar Award, Virginia Tech 2019
  • Nominee, Graduate Student Service Excellence Award, Virginia Tech 2018
  • Recipient, Favorite Faculty Award 2017
  • Recipient, Robert Hord Graduate Fellowship 2015
  • Recipient, Carol F. Hartlove Award for Outstanding Service 2014
  • Recipient, The Outstanding Senior for the Virginia Tech College of Engineering 2014

Selected Publications

Ghambi; S., Phiri, J.C., Henriques, J., Taylor, A.R., Towles, J. (2023). Toward Bidirectional Faculty Development: A Collaborative Model for Designing and Implementing Faculty Trainings on Evidence-Based Strategies for Supporting Student Learning in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition.

Deters, J., Taylor, A.R., Grote, D., Holloman, T., Knight, D. (2022). Critically Examining the Role of Habitus for Minoritized Students in a Global Engineering Program. The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad.

Davis, K.A., Taylor, A.R., Reeping, D.R., Murzi, H., Knight, D.B. (2019). Experiencing Cross-Cultural Communication on a Home Campus: Exploring Student Experiences in a Cultural Simulation Activity. Journal of Excellence in College Teaching.

Reeping D., Taylor A.R., Edwards C., Knight D.B. (2019). Beyond “A Little Quant Here, A Little Qual There:”: Strategies for Mixing in Engineering Education Research. Journal of Engineering Education.

Edwards C., Reeping D., Taylor A.R., Bowers A. (2018). Media Review of An Introduction to Fully Integrated Mixed Methods. Journal of Mixed Methods Research.

Taylor A.R., Turovskiy J., Drew B., Muelenaer A.A., Redican K., Kochersberger K.B., and Bickford L.R. (2016). A Sustainable Engineering Solution for Pediatric Dehydration in Low Resource Clinical Environments. Journal of Humanitarian Engineering.