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Oleg Kim

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Biomaterials
  • Biomechanics
  • Cardiovascular engineering
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Translational cancer research

Research Interests           

  • Quantitative mechanobiology
  • Experimental and computational biophysics with application to studying blood clots and cancer
  • Mechanical, structural and transport properties of biomaterials;
  • Wound healing
  • Cell-extracellular matrix interaction
  • Role of cytoskeleton components in cellular function
  • Active soft matter; Dispersed systems


  • University of Pennsylvania: Scholar, Perelman School of Medicine, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, 2018
  • Harper Cancer Research Institute/University of Notre Dame/Argonne National Lab: Postdoctoral fellowship, 2013
  • University of Notre Dame, PhD, Mechanical Engineering, 2010
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, M.S., Applied Physics and Mathematics, 2004

Awards, Honors, Service

  • NIH NIDCR Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award (2021)
  • American Heart Association Scientist Development Award (2017)
  • Walther Cancer Foundation Grant (2014)
  • Fellowship from the Center for Applied Mathematics, University of Notre Dame (2008)

Recent Publications

Kim, O.V., Litvinov R.I., Mordakhanova, E.R., Bi, E., Vagin, O., Weisel, J.W. (2022) Contribution of septins to human platelet structure and function. iScience, 25 (7), 104654.

Kim O.V., Nevzorova T.A., Mordakhanova E.R., Ponomareva A.A., Andrianova I.A., Le Minh G., Daminova A.G., Peshkova A.D., Alber M.S., Vagin, O., Litvinov R.I., Weisel J.W. (2019). Fatal dysfunction and disintegration of thrombin-stimulated platelets. Haematologica, 104(9),1-13.

Kim O.V., Litvinov R.I., Alber M.S., Weisel J.W. (2017) Quantitative structural mechanobiology of platelet-driven blood clot contraction. Nature Communications, 8, 1274.

Klymenko Y., Kim O., Loughran E., Yang J., Lombard R., Alber M., Stack M.S. (2017) Cadherin composition and multicellular aggregate dynamics in organotypic models of epithelial ovarian cancer intraperitoneal metastasis. Oncogene, 36, 5840–5851

Kim O.V., Litvinov RI, Chen J, Chen DZ, Weisel JW, Alber MS. (2017) Compression-induced structural and mechanical changes of fibrin-collagen composites. Matrix Biology, 60, 141-156.

Kim O.V., Liang X., Litvinov R.I., Weisel J.W., Alber M.S., Purohit P.K. (2015) Foam-like compression behavior of fibrin networks. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, 1-16.

Kim O.V., Litvinov, R. Weisel J., and Alber M.S. (2014) Nonlinear structural mechanics of fibrin networks under compression, Biomaterials, 35, 6739-6749.

Kim, O., Xu, Z., Rosen, E., and Alber M. (2013) Fibrin networks regulate protein transport during thrombus development. PLoS Computational Biology, 9(6), e1003095.

Kim, E., Kim, O. V., Machlus, K.R., Liu, X., Kupaev, T., Lioi, J., Wolberg, A. S., Chen, D. Z., Rosen, E. D., Xu Z., and Alber, M. (2011) Correlation between fibrin network structure and mechanical properties: an experimental and computational analysis. Soft Matter, 7, 4983-4992.

Kim, O.V., Dunn, P.F. (2010). Controlled production of droplets by in-flight electrospraying. Langmuir, Oct 19;26(20):15807-13.