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Master of Science: Non-Thesis Option

BEAM graduate students and researchers carefully apply material to their experimental apparatus

M.S. in Engineering Mechanics: Non-thesis Option

Students pursuing the M.S. non-thesis degree option must complete at least 30 graded course credit hours and satisfactorily pass a comprehensive oral examination. The final transcript will designate the degree as a non-thesis degree. 

Plan of Study

The M.S. non-thesis option plan of study must include at least 30 credit hours that satisfy the following requirements:

  • ESM 5014 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (three credits)
  • Two ESM 5xxx/6xxx courses in two of the following areas:
    • Dynamics (three credits)
    • Solid mechanics (three credits)
    • Fluid mechanics (three credits)
  • One course satisfying the mathematics requirement (three credits)
  • Graded elective courses (at least 18 credits)

M.S. students must register for 2 semesters of ESM 5944 Seminar. These credits do not count toward the 30 required credit hours but are required for program completion.

The M.S. plan of study may contain a combination of 5xxx and 6xxx-level courses and a maximum of six hours of approved 4xxx-level courses.

  • A minimum of 12 course credits must be labeled ESM (not including 5944 or 5994).
  • A maximum of nine credit hours of independent study (IS) or special study (SS) courses can be used to complete the plan of study, with the total for both IS and SS courses not exceeding nine hours.

Final Examination

All M.S. students must pass an oral examination upon completion of the degree requirements. Administered by the student’s advisory committee, the examination is expected to cover all mechanics course work as well as the project completed by the student. 

See the Engineering Mechanics Graduate Manual for more detailed information.


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