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Student Research and Lab Experiences

Michelle, featured in the above video, says she was drawn to biomedical engineering because she wanted to help others. Among all the programs she looked at, she chose Virginia Tech because it seemed like home for her. 

"NASA is planning to send the first woman to the moon in 2024, and the hope is that my research can help understand and design for human health performance on these future surface exploration missions," Grace Wusk said. She conducts research in the Center for Injury Biomechanics lab.

"I think what is done really well here is the collaborative environment," Sabah says. Learn more about his research, in the video posted above, for a great example of some of the collaboration we do here at BEAM.

"My father told me to run my own race," Jess says. Learn more about her story and her research (in Eli Vlaisavljevich's Lab) in the video posted above. 

"I am the first African-American female biomedical engineer Ph.D. at Virginia Tech," Michele says. Watch the video posted above to learn more about her.