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Center for Injury Biomechanics

Investigating Injury Mechanics

Warren Hardy

Developing a Greater Understanding of Human Tolerance to Injury

The Center for Injury Biomechanics (CIB) is an interdisciplinary research center that is a partnership between the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. The CIB is part of the Virginia Tech - Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences joint graduate program.

The center investigates injury mechanisms following trauma to develop a greater understanding of human tolerance to injury, to engineer enhanced safety countermeasures, and to mitigate the occurrence of serious injury in society. By using a multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world biomechanics problems, the center combines the biomedical expertise at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center with Virginia Tech’s top-rated college of Engineering.  Applications of this research are far-reaching and include automobile safety, military safety, and sports biomechanics.