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Devon Albert

Research Assistant Professor
Portrait of Devon Albert
440 Kelly Hall
325 Stanger St
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Research Areas

  • Biomechanics
  • Transportation safety

Research Interests

  • Injury biomechanics
  • Automotive safety
  • Material response and injury tolerance of biological tissue
  • Musculoskeletal biomechanics 


Virginia Tech: Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, 2018

University of Pittsburgh: B.S.E., Bioengineering, 2014

Awards, Honors, and Service

Best Student Paper Award, Stapp Car Crash Conference, 2018

Best Student Written Paper Award, 54th Annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, 2017

Recent Publications

Hana Chan, Devon L. Albert, F. Scott Gayzik, Andrew R. Kemper, “Assessment of Acclimation of 5th Percentile Female and 50th Percentile Male Volunteer Kinematics in Low-Speed Frontal and Frontal-Oblique Sled Tests,” SAE International Journal of Transportation Safety, In Press.

Devon L. Albert, “Variations in User Implementation of the CORA Rating Metric,” Stapp Car Crash Journal, Stapp Car Crash Journal, 64, pp1-30, 2020.

Devon L. Albert, “A Comparison of Two Versions of the Biofidelity Ranking System (BioRank): Implications on THOR-50M and THOR-05F Biofidelity Evaluations,” Proceedings of the IRCOBI Annual European Conference, pp659-678, Sept. 2020.

Michael J. Katzenberger, Devon L. Albert, Amanda M. Agnew, Andrew R. Kemper, “Effects of sex, age, and two loading rates on the tensile material properties of human rib cortical bone,” Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 102, pp1-21, 2020.

Johan Iraeus, Linus Lundin, Simon Storm, Amanda Agnew, Yun-Seok Kang, Andrew Kemper, Devon Albert, Sven Holcombe, Bengt Pipkorn, “Detailed subject-specific FE rib modeling for fracture prediction,” Traffic Injury Prevention, 20(Sup2), S88-95, 2019.

Devon L. Albert, Stephanie M. Beeman, Andrew R. Kemper, “Evaluation of Hybrid III and THOR-M Neck Kinetics and Injury Risk under Various Restraint Conditions during Full-Scale Frontal Sled Tests,” Traffic Injury Prevention, 19(sup2), ppS40-S47, 2018.

Devon L. Albert, Stephanie M. Beeman, Andrew R. Kemper, “Assessment of Thoracic Response and Injury Risk Using the Hybrid III, THOR-M, and Post-Mortem Human Surrogates under Various Restraint Conditions in Full-Scale Frontal Sled Tests,” Stapp Car Crash Journal, 62, pp1-65, 2018.

Devon L. Albert, Yun-Seok Kang, Amanda M. Agnew, Andrew R. Kemper, “The Effect of Injurious Whole Rib Loading on Rib Cortical Bone Material Properties,” Proceedings of the IRCOBI Annual European Conference, pp680-687, Sept. 2018.

Devon L. Albert, Stephanie M. Beeman, Andrew R. Kemper, “Occupant kinematics of the Hybrid III, THOR-M, and postmortem human surrogates under various restraint conditions in full-scale frontal sled tests,” Traffic Injury Prevention, 19(sup1), ppS50-S58, 2018.