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Dean Entrekin

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"As a prospective undergraduate, the Virginia Tech campus called me when I came to visit. I really loved it, and just the university itself. Everything felt right and seemed like everything I wanted it to be.

"When I finished my undergraduate program, I wanted to stay, and since the SBES program started right as I completed my undergrad, it was the perfect opportunity and perfect transition. I connected with some great professors and advisors, and the program’s link with Wake Forest’s strengths in medicine was a huge benefit, too.

"A lot of the coursework I took as an SBES student helped mold my professional path in biologics and synthetic biomaterials, and that’s where I really started my career in industry. My thesis work and internships helped solidify my interest in spine biologics in particular. 

Since my time here, the SBES program has not only grown in scale, but I also see more support in labs, which is great for students. The partnership with Wake Forest is still going strong and we have new medical partnerships as well, which are also helping the program expand."

Dean Entrekin (BME M.S. '04)  was the first graduate of the Virginia Tech - Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES) graduate program and is now the Technical Solutions Director of Orthopedics for Viant Medical.

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