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BEAM encourages undergraduates to get hands-on in our cutting-edge laboratories. Students work alongside researchers on projects in our eleven research areas: biomaterials, biomechanics, biomedical imaging, cardiovascular engineering, dynamics and control, fluid mechanics, nanobioengineering, neurobioengineering, solid mechanics, tissue engineering, and translational cancer research. These opportunities tend to be highly-competitive. Browse available positions below.
If there is an opportunity of interest, email the professor (their name is linked to their email address). You may also find the professor biography pages here.

Currently Available & Ongoing Opportunities

Lab & Faculty Member



David Dillard, Adhesion Mechanics Laboratory

*Successful completion of ESM 2204

*Third- or fourth-year student

*GPA 3.0 or higher

Our research focuses on the characterization of polymeric materials, such as testing the fracture and durability behavior of adhesives, adhesive bonds, and (occasionally) composite materials.  Applications include a wide range of industries: automotive, aerospace, marine, microelectronic, construction, etc.  Students may learn skills in test equipment operation, characterization techniques, data analysis and interpretation, and report writing.

*Strong willingness to learn

*No specific coursework or background required

*Any level of student (first- to fourth-year)

*GPA 3.5 or higher

Student will participate in mechanical testing and modeling of biological tissues. The lab focuses on characterizing the mechanical properties of biological systems ranging from cellular components to tissues, with special emphasis on the development of new mathematical models and experimental methods.

*Desire to learn something new and work as part of a team

*Second-, third-, or fourth-year students

*GPA 3.0 or higher

We are always looking to include interested and passionate undergraduates as part of the lab team. The time commitment is 10 hours a week and you will be working on various human biomechanics projects that include either the collection or processing of human subject's data in clinical, sports, and rehabilitation environments.

*Second- or third-year student

*GPA 3.5 or higher

*Strong computer skills

*Engineering major

We are conducting research in the analysis of crash injury risk of automated vehicles. The Center is conducting projects in automated emergency braking, lane departure warning, advanced intersection navigation assistance, and the interaction of autonomous vehicles with pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.

Eli Vlaisavljevich, Therapeutic Ultrasound and Noninvasive Therapies Lab

*Interest in interdisciplinary research

*First- to third-year student

*Minimum GPA of 3.0

Opportunity to research focused ultrasound of non-invasive tissue ablation and modulation. We are particularly interested in students with experience in electrical engineering (circuit design and building), 3D prototyping, cell culture, and tissue experiments.  

Miguel Perez, Advanced Vehicle and Technology Research (AVaTR) Laboratory

*Interest in vehicle and driver safety

*Second- to fourth-year student

*No GPA requirement

Several positions assisting current graduate students on project tasks. One of the projects involves data collection, processing, and analysis from instrumented vehicles with Level 2 features (i.e., partial driving automation) to analyze driver adaptation. Another project involves improving the effectiveness of emergency vehicle responses to crash scenes through various means, including examining risky interactions with other traffic while en route and streamlining the triage process that is used to gather initial patient information on arrival to a crash scene.