Shima Shahab, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Dynamics and control
  • Solid mechanics

Research Interests

The Multiphysics Intelligent and Dynamical Systems (MInDS) laboratory focuses on the intersection of smart materials and dynamical systems for various interdisciplinary applications, including contactless acoustic energy transfer, acoustofluidics, piezoelectric actuation, and biomedical opportunities and challenges.

Current research topics at MInDS include intelligent fluid flow control using smart materials and metamaterial-inspired concepts, high-intensity focused ultrasound for wireless charging of low-power sensors, ultrasound responsive drug delivery systems, and microfluidics driven via ultrasonics.

The goal is to design a new generation of smart autonomous biomedical systems that lead to new medical diagnostics and treatments.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 2015 
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2013 
  • University of Kerman, Iran: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2004

Awards, Honors, and Service

  • Student Engineers' Council (SEC) Undergraduate Research Advisor Award, 2017
  • Advisor: Conference-level Best Student Paper Award (out of 6 symposia) for lab graduate student at the ASME SMASIS Conference, 2017
  • Advisor: ACC Creativity and Innovation Grant for lab undergraduate student, 2017
  • Advisor: Fall 2016 Graduate Research Development Program (GRDP) award for lab graduate student 
  • Advisor: 2016 Fralin Undergraduate Research fellowship for lab undergraduate student  
  • Advisor: Davenport Scholarship for the 2016–2017 academic year for lab graduate student 
  • Second-place winner in the Student Paper Competition of the ASME Technical Committee on Vibration and Sound, 2015
  • SPIE/ASME Best Student Paper Award finalist (received honorable mention), 2015
  • Invited participant for Virginia Tech Future Faculty Program, 2015
  • Invited participant for GE's annual Networking Event at the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY, 2014
  • Recipient of the Leo Beranek Student Medal for excellence in the study of noise control, 2013
  • Anne Robinson Clough Conference Grant, 2012
  • Smart Materials and Structures Top 30 Most Accessed Papers, 2008

Recent Publications

Sadeghi, O., Bakhtiari-Nejad, M., Yazdandoost, F., Shahab, S. and Mirzaeifar, M., 2018, Dissipation of Cavitation-Induced Shock Waves Energy through Phase Transformation in NiTi Alloys, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 137, 304–314 (copyright by Elsevier).

Shahab, S., Zhao, S., and Erturk, A., 2017, Performance Comparison of Soft and Hard Piezoelectric Ceramics and Single Crystals for Random Vibration Energy Harvesting, Energy Technology, in press (copyright by Wiley) .

Bhargava, A., Peng, K., Stieg, J., Mirzaeifar, M., and Shahab, S., 2017, Focused Ultrasound Actuation of Shape Memory Polymers; Acoustic-Thermoelastic Modeling and Testing, RSC Advances, 7, 45452 (copyright by RSC).

Shahab, S. and Erturk, A., 2017, Coupling of Experimentally Validated Electroelastic Dynamics and Mixing Rules Formulation for Macro-Fiber Composite Piezoelectric Structures,” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 28 (12), 1575-1588 (copyright by SAGE)

Shahab, S. and Erturk, A., 2016, Electrohydroelastic Euler-Bernoulli-Morison Model for Underwater Resonant Actuation of Macro-Fiber Composite Cantilevers, Smart Materials and Structures, 25, 105007 (copyright by IOP).

Shahab, S., Tan, D., and Erturk, A., 2015, Hydrodynamic Thrust Generation and Power Consumption Investigations for Piezoelectric Fins with Different Aspect Ratios, European Physical Journal – Special Topics, 224, 3419-3434 (Special Issue on Dynamics of Animal Systems) (copyright by Springer).

Shahab S., Gray M. and Erturk A., 2015, Ultrasonic Power Transfer from a Spherical Acoustic Wave Source to a Free-Free Piezoelectric Receiver: Modeling and Experiment.  Journal of Applied Physics, 117, 104903 (copyright by IAP).

Shahab, S. and Erturk, A., 2014, Contactless Ultrasonic Energy Transfer for Wireless Systems: Acoustic-Piezoelectric Structure Interaction Modeling and Performance Enhancement. Smart Materials and Structures, 23, 125032 (copyright by IOP).

Shahab S., Mirtaheri M., Mirzaeifar R. and Bahai H., 2011, Modifying the Shear Buckling Loads of Metal Shear Walls for Improving Their Energy Absorption Capacity. Advances in Structural Engineering, 14 (6): 1247-1257 (copyright by SAGE).

Shahab S., Mirzaeifar R. and Bahai H., 2009, Coupled Modification of Natural Frequencies and Buckling Loads of Composite Cylindrical Panels. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 51(9-10):708-717 (copyright by Elsevier).

Shahab Shima
  • (540) 230-6516
  • 330 Norris Hall
    495 Old Turner St.
    Blacksburg, VA 24061