Guohua Cao

Assistant Professor

Research Areas

  • Biomedical imaging

Research Interests

  • X-ray imaging
  • Computed tomography
  • Deep learning


  • Brown University: Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 2005

Awards, Honors, and Service

  • NSF CAREER Award, 2014
  • Best in Physics Paper Award, Joint American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) and Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) Meeting, 2011
  • University of North Carolina Postdoctoral Scholar Award for Research Excellence, 2008
  • Outstanding Poster Award, National Cancer Institute Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer Investigators Meeting, 2007

Recent Publications

Hao Gong*, Bin Li, Xun Jia, and Guohua Cao, "Physics Model Based Scatter Correction in Multi-Source Interior Computed Tomography". IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging 37(2): 349-360 (2018).

Gong, H*. Yan, X. Jia, B. Li, G. Wang, and G. Cao, "X-ray scatter correction for multi-source interior computed tomography". Medical Physics 44(1): p. 71-83 (2017).

Lijuan Kan, Patrick Thayer, Huimin Fan, Benjamin Ledford, Miao Chen, Aaron Goldstein, Guohua Cao, and Jia-Qiang He, "Polymer microfiber meshes facilitate cardiac differentiation of c-kit+ human cardiac stem cells". Experimental cell research 347(1): p. 143-152 (2016).

Hao Gong*, Rui Liu, Hengyong Yu, Jianping Lu, Otto Zhou, Lijuan Kan, Jia-Qiang He, and Guohua Cao, "Interior tomographic imaging of mouse heart in a carbon nanotube micro-CT". Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology 24(4): p. 549-563 (2016).

Q. Zhang, S. H. Xiao, Y. H. Liu, X. L. Yuan, B. Wan, A. D. Muscente, T. Q. Shao, H. Gong*, and G. H. Cao, "Armored kinorhynch-like scalidophoran animals from the early Cambrian". Scientific Reports 5: p. 16521 (2015).

Shengqi Tan, Yanbo Zhang, Xuanqin Mou Ge Wang, Guohua Cao, Zhifang Wu, and Hengyong Yu, "Tensor-based dictionary learning for dynamic tomographic reconstruction". Physics in Medicine and Biology 60(7): p. 2803-2818 (2015).

Dustin L Crouch, Ian D Hutchinson, Johannes F Plate, Jennifer Antoniono, Hao Gong*, Guohua Cao, Zhongyu Li, and Katherine R Saul, "Biomechanical Basis of Shoulder Osseous Deformity and Contracture in a Rat Model of Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy". J Bone Joint Surg Am 97(15): p. 1264-1271 (2015).

Shunli Zhang*, Dinghua Zhang, Hao Gong*, Omid Ghasemalizadeh*, Ge Wang, and Guohua Cao, "Fast and accurate computation of system matrix for area integral model-based algebraic reconstruction technique". Optical Engineering 53(11): p. 113101-113101 (2014).

Kriti Sen Sharma*, Hao Gong*, Omid Ghasemalizadeh*, Hengyong Yu, Ge Wang, and Guohua Cao, "Interior micro-CT with an offset detector". Medical Physics 41(6): p. 061915 (2014).

Alex MT Opie, James R Bennett*, Michael Walsh, Kishore Rajendran, Hengyong Yu, Qiong Xu, Anthony Butler, Philip Butler, Guohua Cao, and Aaron M Mohs, "Study of scan protocol for exposure reduction in hybrid spectral micro‐CT". Scanning 36(4): p. 444-455 (2014).

Mike Hadsell, Guohua Cao, Jian Zhang, Laurel Burk, Torsten Schreiber, Eric Schreiber, Sha Chang, Jianping Lu, and Otto Zhou, "Pilot study for compact microbeam radiation therapy using a carbon nanotube field emission micro-CT scanner". Medical Physics 41(6): p. 061710 (2014)

Guohua Cao, Baodong Liu, Hao Gong*, Hengyong Yu, and Ge Wang, "A Stationary-Sources and Rotating-Detectors Computed Tomography Architecture for Higher Temporal Resolution and Lower Radiation Dose". Access, IEEE 2: p. 1263-1271 (2014).

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