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Student Information

Students working at table on prototype device

The Biodesign program has locations in both Roanoke, VA and Blacksburg, VA. In Roanoke, our home office is located on the Health Science and Technology campus of Carilion Clinic to facilitate easy access to educational, research, and medical resources. Our Blacksburg location includes rapid prototyping and conference facilities in the Biomedical Engineering Mechanics department. 



Student Support

Students are fully supported during their time in the program, provided they are making satisfactory progress toward their degree. Biodesign students will receive a yearly stipend comparable to national standards (i.e. residents with a contract with Carilion Clinic and engineers with Master’s students at Virginia Tech). 

Program Start and Preparation

The official start of classes for Virginia Tech will begin mid-August; however, to prepare for the program, a bootcamp is required in July.

The bootcamp is comprised of a month-long combination of classroom and self-taught lectures and activities. Weekly sessions will be divided along the subjects of Engineering Principles, Anatomy and Physiology, and Commercialization. More information about the bootcamp times and composition will be provided to students over the summer.

In addition to the bootcamp, a specialty math course (SS: BMES 5984 – Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations in Medicine) has been designed for medical residents, as needed, to meet the prerequisites of the Master’s program