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Engineering Mechanics Symposium 2021

three students hold a long pipe among a bunch of materials as they build things in an engineering lab

The inaugural Engineering Mechanics Symposium is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21, 2021. This symposium will be a virtual event held via Zoom. Presentations are encouraged from both student members and faculty members in the Engineering Mechanics program. Our objective is to foster a community of collaboration and engagement across the many departments and disciplines represented by Engineering Mechanics researchers. The keynote lecture will be delivered by Dr. Maurizio Porfiri, an Institute Professor at New York University and an Engineering Mechanics Alumnus.

Standard lectures will begin every 15 minutes, with 10 minutes allowed for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and transition to the next speaker. Symposium start and end times are to be determined. Lecture presentations will be recorded, but only for use by the presenter. This event is designed for synchronous participation. Presenters with limited access to broadband internet can arrange to deliver a pre-recorded lecture at their scheduled time.

Poster presentations will be scheduled as needed depending on number of submissions. Format of the poster presentations is to be determined.

blue-gloved individual works with materials in an engineering mechanics lab
A group of students stands in a lab, among bars and wires and other engineering materials



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Meet the Organizers

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Engineering Mechanics Program Contact

Jessica Grimes, Engineering Mechanics Graduate Coordinator 
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