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Vincent Wang

Head portrait of Vincent Wang of BEAM

Vincent Wang joined the faculty in biomedical engineering and mechanics in 2015. He said the abundant and unique opportunities for teaching within BEAM's expanding programs were quite appealing. 

Courses taught:

  • Quantitative Organ Systems Physiology (for SBES students)
  • Quantitative Cell Physiology (for SBES students)
  • Problem Solving in Biomedical Engineering (for BME majors)
  • Engineering Analysis of Physiologic Systems (undergraduate ESM course)

Teaching philosohpy:

"I strive to provide a high degree of clarity in my lectures and I emphasize fundamental concepts.  There are numerous instances when I abide by the phrase "less is more" with regard to covering course material.  I am also a strong proponent of group assignments, which have numerous benefits including the development of collaboration skills, helping students identify their own and their team members' strengths, and training student teams to formally present projects to the class."  

Favorite thing about teaching:

He enjoys getting to know the students and having them participate in class discussions (seeing heads nod in agreement as he teaches is a welcome sight!)  BEAM's students have a variety of academic and research backgrounds, and he welcomes and appreciates the diverse perspectives they bring to the classroom.

Group photo of more than 30 third-year biomedical engineering majors standing in the foyer of a building on Virginia Tech campus.
Dr. Wang enjoyed teaching this group of third-year Virginia Tech students, majoring in biomedical engineering, during the Spring 2022 semester. Photo by Spencer Roberts of Virginia Tech.