From the Department Head

BEAM interim department head Pamela VandeVord
Pamela VandeVord, Ph.D., N. Waldo Harrison Professor and Interim Department Head

Welcome to biomedical engineering and mechanics (BEAM) at Virginia Tech!

Our department combines fundamental mechanics with biomedical science in a unique multidisciplinary interface. Through collaboration and innovation, we pursue real-world applications that enhance the quality of life. BEAM faculty and students are breaking down barriers across disciplines to address complex problems that require expertise in a number of specialties. The department's distinctive combination of disciplines allows us to underpin newly emerging research fields and areas of discovery with an exceptional foundation of engineering theory and practice.

Our Culture and Impact

BEAM's unique focus promotes a department with a supportive and entrepreneurial culture, a place where students and faculty with a variety of interests come together through impactful research. We make significant contributions to the fields of biomechanics, solid and fluid mechanics, dynamics and control, bioengineering, computational modeling, biological systems, and translational cancer research — among others.

Degrees and Offerings

With over 40 teaching and research faculty members, BEAM offers B.S. programs in biomedical engineering as well as engineering science and mechanics, along with minor programs of study in each of these fields. We also offer M.S. and Ph.D. programs in biomedical engineering and engineering mechanics. Major partners and affiliates include the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Institute for Critical Technologies and Applied Sciences, and the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

What’s Next?

As interim department head, I'm excited to lead BEAM during this period of growth and opportunity. Through our strategic initiatives to push the boundaries of effective teaching and learning, expand departmental relationships with industry, and create new spaces for interdisciplinary research, we'll continue to lead the way for positive change.

Pamela VandeVord, Ph.D.
N. Waldo Harrison Professor and Interim Department Chair