Applied Flow Diagnostics at Virginia Tech: Enabling Advanced Propulsion and Vehicle Aerodynamics Research

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

2:30pm - 3:45pm

320 Lavery Hall – Virginia Tech Campus

Dr. Todd Lowe

Co-Director of the Advanced Propulsion and Power Laboratory 

Virginia Tech


Innovative instruments are needed to address several pressing needs in propulsion and vehicle aerodynamics research. Useful techniques must meet stringent demands, such as exceptional spatiotemporal resolution and data throughput requirements, as well as tolerance to harsh experimental conditions. In the talk, examples of recent developments in applied flow diagnostics which meet these requirements will be presented. For instance, a robust approach to Doppler-based velocimetry capable of planar measurements up to Mach 4 with or without flow seeding, offers a new capability for wind tunnels, rigs, and even flight vehicles. New insights on the physics of turbofan engine inlet flows, gained from optical diagnostics measurements, will be highlighted in the talk. To conclude, opportunities for impact in instrumentation research for propulsion and vehicle aerodynamics will be discussed. 


Prof. Lowe leads a research team focused on the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of propulsion inlets and exhausts with advanced capabilities in laser-based optical diagnostics. He is the Co-Director of the Advanced Propulsion and Power Laboratory at Virginia Tech and currently leads a team of undergraduate and graduate student researchers, a research scientist and a laboratory engineer. Prior to returning to Virginia Tech as a faculty member in late 2010, he was V.P. for Research and Development at AUR, Inc., a small business focused on laser diagnostics research and development.